Set for release 01/10/20 we have the full UK release range available for pre order now! FULL SET of 5 for £95 (£10 payment plans available) £19.50 each ! Insane prices! please note ! AEW Title NOT included with Jericho Brandi Rhodes is a USA Exclusive it seems however we are TRYING OUR HARDEST to get our hands on some for you to have the FULL set as well as trying to source some of the Bubbly exclusive sets also. NJPW ULTIMATES PRE ORDERS LIVE NOW !  £50 each (£10 payment plans available)  Full set for £195 SEE STORE FOR PICTURES AND MORE INFO!!

JUL 13, 2020

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Quick update

Elite 80 pre orders finally started heading out today. Still waiting on bayley, Owens and ricochet. 81 stunning Steve to follow more 81 WB route from the USA to us. Brett Goldberg two packs also start

Ringside exclusive warrior elite (wrestlemania 12)

Hey guys. Warrior elite from ringside exclusive has been delayed from February to mid March. this is due to a delay with mattel according to the email we received from ringside. we also have small amo


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