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Since Edge's dramatic return at the 2020 Royal Rumble the majority of the wrestling figure collecting community had been anticipating that very moment in figure form and seemed inevitable this would be made a reality before long. A portion of this anticipation can be attributed to the fact that fans had everything crossed that Mattel would finally do such an iconic superstar justice within the confides of 7-inch plastic. Generally speaking, Mattel had struggled with an accurate depiction of the Rated R Superstar. Whether it be likeness, proportions or sizes, a true 10/10 Mattel Edge Elite figure has yet to be released. Or has it?

What you'll notice straight away with the Ultimate Edition however is when it comes to an Edge scan, Mattel's fortunes have changed. Interestingly the Elite 83 and Ultimate Edition have the same hair piece, however the Elite 83 has the more accurate grey toning in the beard. Whilst unboxing, it won't take you long to realise the alternative head that resembles a throwback to a Jakks Finishing Moves figure. Whilst this scan hasn't been a complete hit with collectors, it does suggest that Mattel are perhaps more open to experiment with things such as these which could see some really innovative looks for future talent in the Ultimate Edition line. It's unclear whether this second head is to be used to mimic Edge's entrance or his finisher. Either way, it's difficult to imagine this figure is being posed on anybody's shelf with the alternative head. This however, isn't all because the alternative head is poor - much of the reason can be attributed to just how good the good the original head on the figure is. In a perfect world, the beard would have more grey toning but this is easily overlooked - the original scan is a real breath of fresh air for Edge collectors and fans alike.

Much like the Elite 83, the gear has a clean matte finish which adds an element of class to proceedings. Due to the nature of the Ultimate Edition body mould, this moulding seems more appropriate for an Edge figure due to the thicker set nature. Generally, in Elite form Mattel present Edge with a torso mould that is too thin set and the figure really suffers as a result. Needless to say, this isn't an issue with The Ultimate Edition mould and it is certainly a much more accurate representation. However, its not all bells and whistles. Personally, I'm not the greatest fan of Ultimate Edition figures - mainly because the torso doesn't seem to add all that much extra articulation than the regular elite and in some cases actually hinders posability. This issue isn't exclusive to Edge of course, and won't take any points away from the figure. Likewise, the Ultimate Edition arms have always been a bone of contention and potentially don't interchange as seamlessly as you'd like. Also, it's not uncommon for the arms to fall out unannounced - especially when posing.

As a result, the issues this figure experiences are more due to the downfalls of the line - not the Edge figure itself.

The Ultimate Edition line isn't all negatives however. Due to the higher production budget for this line, it's really allowed for the finer details to be focused on. The decals on the gear are outstanding, and tattoos that were previously inaccurate have been put right. Due to the heightened budget, it's perhaps peculiar this figure doesn't have the accurate chest hair.

In summary, if you were looking to make the perfect 2020 comeback Edge, it'd likely be a combination of the Ultimate Edition body and the Elite 83 head (simply because of the more accurate shading in the beard). Perhaps you'd want to add some chest hair, and the wrist tape too but considering most of the major details are impeccable, it's difficult to complain too much.

In years to come, fans will watch the 2020 Rumble back on the WWE Network and truly appreciate the gravity of this comeback - the emotion, the crowd, the pyro, the look on the superstars faces already in the ring. And with that, the moment becomes iconic - and those are the best moments to immortalise in figure form.

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