Figure Review - Connor Willis - Kenny Omega AEW Unrivalled S4

For fans of Kenny Omega its been and up and down start in terms of action figures. Whilst Wave 1 presented a first ever posable Omega figure, it wasn't without its issues. Global issues RE Covid meant Wave 1 quality suffered - the skin tones were innacurate, joints were often loose and in a lot of cases likeness left something to be desired. The same could be said of the exlusive figure w/ alternative gear that came with the AEW Authentic Scale Ring - a figure that was a world apart from its inital concept. However, three series later is where we finally get to see Jeremy Padawers Kenny Omega concept come to life. With accurate skin tone, lifelike likeness and hyper-posability that you've come to expect from a Jazwares AEW Unrivaled figure, Wave 4 Omega demonstrates not only the quality of the product, but the incredible progression from Series 1 to Series 4.Initially, when you set eyes on an AEW Unrivaled figure, its the striking black and gold packaging that draws you in and this is no exception. Wave 4 Omega comes housed in classy packaging with a studio image on the front, and match shot on the back as well as images of the rest of the series. Once removed from the packaging, immediately its apparent this is to be set apart from the standard £20 action figure - it's a personification of everything Jazwares set out to achieve upon obtaining the licence to begin production on AEW figures. To begin, the likeness is night and day from Wave 1 - the hair is toned correctly and the expression is unequivocal and as a result, this figure embodies 2021 Kenny Omega almost flawlessly. The gear is incredibly toyetic and somewhat surprisingly looks more impressive than it does in real life. The soft goods jacket is a much more suited material and can be taken off / put back on the figure with relative ease without fear of breaking an arm. Due to the significant posability of the Unrivaled line, with this figure you are truly able to strike any signature Kenny Omega pose which is fantastic news for you loose collectors/ fig fedders. If you were to search for negatives, the lack of accessories / belt and only one pair of extra hands would likely be the only gripe you'd stumble upon (which is easily forgivable due to the quality of what did indeed come in the packaging). To summarise, Wave 4 Kenny Omega is the product fans and collectors alike have been waiting for and without doubt justifies the predecessing anticipation across the collecting world that was catalysed upon the announcement of Wave 1 Kenny Omega. Due to the constant stream of action figures being released in the year 2021, even fewer figures will belong in an elite group that truly stand the test of time. For me, this Kenny Omega is leading the pack.

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