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Updated: Mar 31

When setting eyes on this particular set the first thing you’ll notice is the overall aesthetic which incredibly and accurately personifies the Attitude Era. The colour way and the general feel of the packaging and in particular the Smackdown backdrop is an instant reminder of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

If you’re interested in buying this 2 pack, it’s plausible to theorise a significant portion of the desire to own it would be attributed to the inclusion of an incarnation of an Attitude Era style Jeff Hardy. Nonetheless, the HHH figure is imperative to capture the moment from Jeff Hardy’s 2001 intercontinental title victory and therefore needs to be discussed. The head sculpt appears to be the same as one of the three included in the Ultimate Edition which are generally regarded as the best among Attitude Era HHH figures. Whilst there isn’t much that jumps off the page regarding his gear, the front and back of the trunks includes brown deco which isn’t the most toyetic but is accurate and therefore necessary. As previously stated, this is seldom the reason you’re purchasing set – so let’s get into why you are.

Jeff Hardy, in general is renowned as one of (if not) the most toyetic wrestlers in figure form. With hundreds of potential looks, fans and collectors alike share the same anticipation any time a Jeff Hardy figure is conceptualised. So now it’s in hand – how does it fare?

To start, the soft goods are great which will be a relief to those who would’ve been apprehensive at the possible inclusion of the hard rubber goods that other Jeff Hardy Mattel figures have come with.

The mesh shirt might be a little oversized but isn’t going to stop you from using it. What will however, is the Team Xtreme soft good top that comes within the packaging which is how many among us will remember Jeff Hardy in this period.

Whilst Jeff Hardy has a lot of Mattel figures, not many have taken on the Attitude Era Jeff with multi coloured hair (only a couple spring to mind including the Jeff Hardy and Edge Wrestlemania basic 2 pack) – which are the looks that so many of us fell in love with growing up.

To take a more in depth look at the figure itself – the head sculpt has incredible likeness and is a perfect representation of Attitude Era Jeff Hardy. I would hypothesise this would be similar to what many would choose if given the chance to choose the attire / look for an Ultimate Edition Jeff Hardy due to the fact this is the look that unquestionably captures his most iconic runs in the WWE.

The layering on the hair is fantastic and it’s evident no corners have been cut whilst developing and producing this figure. Whilst the new Jeff Hardy are fantastic depictions of his character, they can sometimes be regarded as a bit ‘safe’ – the head sculpts are often the same or similar and you could argue not many chances have been taken in terms of creativity other than incarnations such as The Hardy Boyz Brood 2 pack.

The intercontinental title is also a really nice addition – it’s a belt that hasn’t been released frequently over the years since Mattel have had held the license for WWE figures and is therefore likely to replace custom belts many have in their collections as a stop gap whilst waiting for something like this to come along.

This is where you ask yourself, is the Jeff I need in my collection?

Honestly, Jeff Hardy is one of the only people that is likely to be an exception to your ‘one of each guy’ rule. It’s likely if you’re a Hardy Boyz fan, you’ll already have multiple versions of Elite Jeff Hardy due to how toyetic and iconic his looks are – and if that’s the case then absolutely this is a must have for your collection. On the flip side, if this was the only Jeff you had in your collection there would be plenty of grounds to suggest this very well could be the one to have on display.

No matter how you choose to display this 2 pack its certain to stand out on the shelf - whether you want to take advantage of the pop of the colours on the packaging or you want to show off the aesthetics of the figures loose.

The 2 pack is undoubtedly a home run and is a must have for collectors this’d be applicable to. The only issue you’d likely run into is the price; due to the nature of the 2 pack you’re paying for two elites rather than one and that will be reflected in the price which is a particular bone of contention as generally you can find HHH elites at a pretty reasonable price. Most of HHH’s figures from this period are similar and therefore it’s plausible the majority of your outlay would be directed towards the Jeff Hardy which is worth taking into consideration. If you can make peace with the price, you are without doubt adding one of the figures of the year to your collection.

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