Hey guys and gals sorry iv been quiet as i explained on the facebook post iv not been well..

Paypal are currently doing a review of our account as they're not too keen on pre orders as they see them as risky. (basically the few scumbags of the figure world don't ship pre orders and close their accounts) so with this being said please complete any payments via card if at all possible. our account will be back up and running in a few days once they have reviewed all of our information such as invoices and delivery information and so on.

UPDATES TIME Ultimate series 3 Becky Lynch and John Cena have been shipped to our US locker and will be with us soon

HHH CHYNA 2 pack These are en route from the usa to us in the uk we have a portion of them arriving as there was an issue at the distributor with a few orders on their system but we don't think the rest will be far behind.

Bret Goldberg 2 pack - again ordered by us at the same time as the HHH CHYNA 2 pack they were affected by the system error so will be in stages fingers crossed we get more than we anticipate.

Elite 79 is coming in the next few weeks we have been told maybe the first week of November would be more realistic due to the current situation again.

AEW 2 coming this month just awaiting a firm date

AEW Scale rings have been shipped in order to keep it fair those of you who have ordered the pre order UK release this isn't your turn unfortunately that will be next year :(

AEW 3 will be available for pre order very soon!

AEW 1 only 3 figures were shipped and they were shipped to bigger companies first as we expected we also didn't want to send out incomplete sets to you so we wouldn't have shipped yet anyway as we don't ever want to disappoint any of you.

and finally to all those i haven't spoken to in a while. i'm still here but i'm just not 100% at the moment and i'm sorry. for not being in touch or being myself but in the words of Arnie. ok i wont do it again. no more Arnie impressions via text 😂😂

Most importantly remember even though were quiet sometimes our inbox is always open no matter how small or big the issue may be please message us. as there is only me and Sally-Ann my wife to be we can sometimes get inundated and backlogged on our messages so we do try to get back to you all as quick as possible and try and see for anything or dire urgency before going in order of oldest to newest message. We also have very minimal updates from wholesalers as you can appreciate the big boys get the rub when it comes to information so its drip fed to us. but going forward we are looking at only bringing in direct from Mattel in the US so you will all get the bio'd version of figures instead of a huge white patch (even though its cool if they sign it front and back). Thank you for the support and for all of you choosing us for your figure needs! Together we will make this work and eventually smash the prices of these crazy exclusives and imported figures!

Proud to be on this journey with you all!

Stay Safe and much love ! Simon

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