Ringside exclusive warrior elite (wrestlemania 12)

Hey guys. Warrior elite from ringside exclusive has been delayed from February to mid March.

this is due to a delay with mattel according to the email we received from ringside.

we also have small amounts of individual figures from elite 80/81 which will be sent out in order number order.

same applies with the rock and mr t Funko pops

more scale rings are being sent out and more arriving next week.

again we can’t thank you who have stuck with us enough fir the support. We wouldn’t still be here without you.

yes there’s a lot of negative people on facebook but that’s all they are. Negative people on Facebook.

no one knows apart from us the troubles we have in day to day life and try to bring you everything you guys need as we promise we would from day one.

as always when we don’t actually create these items it’s hard to not be let down sometimes.

stay safe and as always any issues or questions let us know. Admin@wrestlebox.co.uk

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