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Hi its me again just a quick one to update you all on OUR status with AEW and JAZWARES. sorry we aren't taking any more orders on anything that isn't available on the site due to the massive mess the series 1 and 2 have been so far. we have series 3 up for pre order as the problems have been rectified as of now. (So we have been told) anything that is still on site for series 1 and 2 will remain available to order until further notice.

Also if you have any series 1 or 2 on order with us currently we would like to apologise for the mess and want to re assure you that 1 and 2 HAVE NOT been canceled as of yet it was 1 supplier of the uk market who has stated this and if WE are to be affected by any cancellations or stock shortages then WE will notify YOU, but to put you at ease. Should anything we stock be it AEW WWE NJPW or anything in between, Should we not get the stock we request. YOU WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL as per our terms and conditions. IF we get a smaller amount then we will work in order number order as we always have and will as its the fairest way to go as order number 1 has been waiting longer than order number 567 as an example for transparency. anyone who may be affected WILL BE NOTIFIED BY US :)

Please for everyones sanity including your own. if you order from us please ask us any questions you may have. please and i ask nicely. don't just take a resellers word for it because they claim to have a contact in the business. we are a registered business and deal DIRECTLY with wholesalers and distributors GLOBALLY not just in the uk but WORLDWIDE.

We started this to avoid being stiffed by scalpers, who wants to pay more for a figure so some guy can have a nice JD and coke? no one. so we price to suite peoples needs in the area we live. its a small town and it ain't pretty 😂 were nice people and we know these are ultimately 'TOYS'. so bills take priority. not you paying ours which is the shameful mentality of many sellers out there today. As a community we can make a change. remember if we haven't got something in stock i'm sure the guys over at TOYSANDMASKS.COM & FIGPOPSHOP.CO.UK can help you out. remember every company runs differently and have different suppliers. thats why there are more than one toy company. everyone caters for different people.

Side note for other stock coming in BRET GOLDBERG IS DELAYED we had a small amount delivered and sent out to you beautiful people. anyone still waiting they will be sent as soon as received by us in the UK, the delay is to do with our distributor having a partial lockdown in the states. we apologise for this and will be updating you all as soon as we can. Any Rock Ultimate editions will be shipping in the next 10 days or so again covid lockdown may affect customs and imports for smaller businesses so bare with us we will update as we can.

LEGENDS SERIES 7 and 8 will be shipping out to you in the next 10 days again they are currently being sent to us from the USA

UFC FIGURES. We are no longer taking orders for these however we are aiming to fulfil ALL orders that are already placed. this again is down to JAZWARES and not us if anything changes we will of course let you all know :) You'll also see we've made some changes to the team. Please welcome: Dan Coyle - Events/Social Media Admin

AJ Hardy - Events/Social Media Admin And don't worry Sally-Ann and Miss Marsden are still here lurking around :P

Stay safe Stay strong

and remember talk to someone. it can get lonely. just reach out we are always here :) - Simon

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