Wrestle Box Monthly Delay

Hi guys as you probably saw the other day we’ve had an issue with Royal Mail. And PayPal. So this has caused a delay with shipping the monthly box.

as an apology we’re gonn be throwing in something a bit extra for you all but it’s a secret!

we will be getting them all sent out by Wednesday all being well

we have put a new process in place to make the process of getting these to you smoother as we can’t have flats like this As it’s not acceptable and not the way we want to run things.

in the words of taz that backfired on him but hopefully won’t on us.

we don’t run a sloppy shop over here😂

well at least from next months box anyway so yeah Iv already put my foot in my mouth 😂

thanks again for all the support were always trying to streamline everything and as we’re still only 6 months old we’re still learning a lot each day

stay safe


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