Hi guys another boring post. sorry to be a pain but we've yet again upgraded the way we do things. we will be sending the boxes on a set date each month (looking to be the 23rd of each month. so you will get them the same month you pay :) However to do so iv had to cancel all of your subscriptions so i need to ask you to re sub if you would like to Head to the wrestle box monthly page and select the region that you live and click the Paypal button :) All boxes are the same monetary value just prices inflated to match the shipping charges to each region of the world. We cant thank you all enough for the support with our Wrestle Box Monthly Subscription We have some absolutely HUGE things coming in the next boxes going into 2021! Just a note you have all paid for the Bray Wyatt box if you received the cancellation email :) Anyone wishing to subscribe please just click the link below :)

https://www.wrestlebox.co.uk/wrestle-box-monthly For countries such as Denmark, Spain, Holland and Belgium please select EUROPE For USA, Canada, Asia please Select R.O.W

When you sign up you will be billed the same day each month

YOU MUST SIGN UP BEFORE THE 20th of the month to get that months box THE NEXT BOX TO BE SENT IS THE BRAY WYATT ONE and that has sold out ! Novembers box announcement coming soon and being delivered in November :) Stay Safe


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