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  • Flash Sale

    Sale is on over at www.facebook.com/wrestleboxuk elites from £4 basics from £2 mystery box take a chance? plus loads more. £5 postage no matter the amount you order. freee signed 8x10 or money voucher in random orders!!

  • Facebook Post Share.

    Quick little reminder. Occasionally things go wrong. We hold our hands up and say we’re not the quickest or the best but to speak to anyone who works with us the way they have been spoken to recently will not be tolerated. Anyone who messages abuse to someone who is trying to help them will have their orders cancelled and automatically refunded. Yes we currently have a large shipment of USA and European import stock awaiting to arrive with us. Some of it is months late for delivery to you some of it is earlier than expected so would make some of you happy. However we cannot control how quickly these things get to us. If a pallet of stock goes missing we claim it back and order again. But when we have no information on the actual shipment we’re limited to emailing and calling them. We’ve been given the runaround more than we would expect and it’s obviously meant delay after delay. One thing has and always will remain the same. Not happy we will make it right for you by refunding or working something out with you. Being nasty to someone right off the bat isn’t just rude it shows a lack of humanity as if you have an issue we’re here at hand to answer questions and give answers where we can. Anyone who wants a refund gets one. Sometimes it takes a little longer as we have to go back through our old friends, PayPal who caused no end of issues for us I the past or refunds are done within minutes if they’re done via card depending on how quick your issuer processes it. Basically what I’m trying to say is. If you’re not happy with something. Let us know. We know all the USA imports are available from Other sellers. If they weren’t we wouldn’t be getting the abuse. So let us refund you and you can go grab it from them and support another local or small business which is helping them to grow. There’s millions of little toy shops collectors shops and so on. We would be stupid to think we were the first or last. We haven’t run off with money. We aren’t scammers. We’re simply here selling toys and collectibles for a lot cheaper than anyone else as well as donating to charity from every sale. We do not do this to fund a lavish lifestyle or 6 holidays to the Bahamas a year. We would be liars if we said we wouldn’t mind that life. But that’s not what I’m here for. I have me. My future wife and our two kids and that’s me complete. Wrestle Box is something to give back to those who deserve it. By giveaways. Discounts. Free stuff. You name it. If I was a scammer do you not think I’d be gone by now? Ask yourselves before messaging abuse to an admin who does this for the love of helping people. Do I need to be nasty to this person? No. Even if you don’t want to talk just send your order number and say refund It’s easier to be nice than to be nasty. I will not tolerate bullies The end.

  • Internet outage.

    Us again. Our internet isn’t working as it should so we’ve been slow at getting round to messages. and posting sale items and updates. we’re hoping it will be sorted by monday so keep an eye for if our posts show on Facebook for the sale that’s ongoing. we will get back to you all as soon as we can. anything urgent please email us so it doesnt get lost in the mountain of Facebook messages etc. admin@wrestlebox.co.uk.

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  • Charity Work | Wrestle Box

    IS OUR CHARITY OF THE MONTH Giving Back To Those Who Help! A percentage from sales of our products such as Mystery boxes, Subscription Boxes, Figures, Pre Orders will go to our chosen charity of the month! THANK YOU JULY TOTAL - £117.75 donated DIRECT to MIND over the month !!! AUGUST TOTAL - £287.87 donated DIRECT to STEPS over the month !!! SEPTEMBER TOTAL - £194.32 donated DIRECT to STONEWALL over the month !!! OCTOBER TOTAL - £314.86 donated DIRECT to ACTION FOR CHILDREN over the month !!! NOVEMBER TOTAL - £187.40 donated DIRECT to FARESHARE over the month !!! DECEMBER TOTAL - £98.00 donated DIRECT to FARESHARE over the month !!! JANUARY TOTAL - £TBC donated DIRECT to SHELTER over the month !!! A percentage of all sales will go to SHELTER this month beginning 01/01/2021 SEE HOW THEY HELP

  • Welcome screen | Wrestle Box

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  • Wrestle Box Monthly | Wrestle Box

    STORE SIGN UP TODAY SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT ON MONTHLY WRESTLING MERCHANDISE POSTED TO YOUR DOOR EVERY MONTH! ​ MAKE SURE TO BE SIGNED UP BY THE 20TH OF EACH MONTH TO GUARANTEE YOU RECIEVE THE MYSTERY BOX TO YOUR DOOR THE FOLLOWING MONTH. Monthly Mystery Wrestling Boxes ​ ​ Each month will be a jam packed box of licensed wrestling goodies and some Wrestle Box goodness to boot! ​ At least 1 Figure or Pop or Collectible? Could be 3 who knows 😂 ​ Original Artwork by Wrestling Posters Worldwide? ​ Figure Accessories ? Exclusive Pins? Autographs? ​ Vaulted Funko Pops? ​ Guaranteed Minimum 10% Discount Store Wide? ​ Its a mystery but you will get your moneys worth!! ​ Why not click one of the links below and see for yourself. We haven't disappointed anyone yet! And we don't plan on doing so either! ​ Price shown when you click the link includes postage to your chosen region ALL BOXES ARE £30 (UK) and will have similar items to each other for fairness! Previous months have included, WWE Elite figures, Signed 8x10s exclusive to Wrestle Box, Nick Aldis Chella Toys Retro Figure and more... Contents may change at the discretion of Wrestle Box. Monthly recurring subscription see home page for terms Sign up by 28th of the month to receive your box the very next month ! Order between the 1st to the 28th and receive your box between within 14 days of payment clearing. ​ ​ Wrestle Box - MAY MONTHLY BOX - The Unknown. £30.00 Price BUY NOW CLICK HERE TELL US WHAT YOU LIKE! Subscriber Info To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. First Name Last Name Email Phone Birthday Address Continue

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