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      Hi guys and gals and everyone in between :) as you've probably seen from our facebook video we have a private signing with the one and only COLT CABANA. We are super excited to be doing this and hopefully bring you guys some more stars in the future :) As this is new to us. And we want to make it as smooth of a process as possible. We will be offering 8x10’s for £18 posted in the Uk. £20 posted in Europe £25 posted for rest of world 🙂 They will be available on our website shortly and will be being sent out in the next 10/14 days. They will come with coa from ourselves as we know they are legit and the video above confirms so. It will be our new holographic logo which will be seen on all of our signed items from now on. They have a serial number on the back if you try to remove it. Your guarantee will be void as they have tamper seals. We want to make these signings a regular thing and get bigger and bigger each time 🙂 Without you guys support these things would never have became a reality. Believe me when I say we have plans. We ain’t here for fun. We’re here to change things for the better. Thank you all 💙

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      Could anyone who subscribes to wrestle box monthly please send an email to We’re looking for ways to improve our timings and how payments are set up so we would really appreciate it if you could just send us an email with the following. Name Address Payment method I.e card or PayPal Thanks Simon :)


      ME AGAIN 😂 a rough update on timings of stock coming from USA and UK suppliers for you :) Brett/Goldberg 2 pack - 1/2 weeks (Delay with adress issues my apologies) HHH/CHYNA 2 pack - 1/2 weeks currently in USA holding site ULTIMATE EDITION 3 (Cena/Lynch) - 7/10 days currently on the plane to us Ultimate Edition 6 Charlotte Flair - Some already despatched more incoming over the next 28 days AEW series 1 - December AEW Series 2 - November (This was left until last minute i anticipate they'll drop these on us at some point in October though probably the end just so they can claim they were on. deadline!) again this is 100% out of our control and we are purely the retailer and have to go through distribution centres as well as dealing with big toy companies themselves. its hard and we truly understand your frustrations. WE ARE SORRY! AEW 3 - TBC Rumoured Feb 2021 ELITE 80 - MID NOVEMBER BASIC 111 - IMMINENT ELITE 79 - IMMINENT AEW SCALE RINGS USA PRE ORDER (PlACED BEFORE SEPTEMBER) - have been sent out and more incoming and being sent in order to keep fair! NWSS POPS - NOVEMBER ULTIMATE EDITION 7 - NOVEMBER GITD TAKER POP - DECEMBER DAVEY BOY SMITH ELITE 82 - TBA COMING TO THE UK ! WATCH THIS SPACE Legends series 7/8 - Some in stock and some due in 7/10 days and as and when available - with these they are USA exclusives so are imported and highly sought after figures hence commanding a higher price, this isn't us being greedy or cashing in it is simply what we pay plus shipping to the uk and import fees. with approximately £1/3 put on top to ensure we can keep them coming!. the prices vary as we are subjected to scalpers in the USA and we want to bring as many over as possible hence the fluctuating prices. and remember ALWAYS MINTY FRESH IN BOX! Thanks again for the support and if im missing anything drop a comment or shoot us a message ! Thanks Simon

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      LET HIM IN - WRESTLE BOX OCTOBER Tribute to Bray Wyatt ​ Jam packed box of licensed wrestling goodies and some Wrestle Box goodness to boot! ​ At least 1 Figure/Pop? ​ Original Artwork by Wrestling Posters Worldwide? ​ Figure Accessories ? Autographs? ​ Vaulted Funko Pops? ​ Guaranteed Minimum 10% Discount Store Wide? ​ Why not click one of the links below and see for yourself. We haven't dissapointed anyone yet! And we don't plan on doing so either! ​ Price shown when you click the link includes postage to your chosen region ALL BOXES ARE £30 and will have similar items to each others for fairness! Contents may change at the discretion of Wrestle Box. Monthly recurring subscription see home page for terms UK SIGN UP EUROPE SIGN UP R.O.W SIGN UP

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